20 Free Spins When You Join Lucky Pants

Added 2013-04-04 07:35:54

The good luck begins from the second you register at Lucky Pants. You get a 200% first deposit bonus, plus 500 free bingo cards, and 20 free spins.

This hilarious new site is attracting a new breed of roomie – those who love big winnings, and big fun. Click here.

And that's because of games like the £5000 Cash Flash. This whopper of a game plays on the last Friday of every month, and tickets only cost 10p. It's a £1000 one line win, £1500 two line win, and £2000 full house win. And best of all, roomies with 1 TG cards at the end of the game will share of £500. I know the end of the month may be a couple of weeks away yet, but it wouldn't hurt to prebuy a few 10p tickets well in advance.

Another opportunity to win big is the Get Lucky game – play at 8 PM, 9 PM, and 10 PM every evening – tickets are 5p, and the jackpot starts at £500, with £40 guaranteed.

Then in the £100 Smarty Pants, you can be a winner for a 5p investment. The full house winner could be scooping £50 – another great value game with a tiny ticket price.

So, no matter what your lucky undies maybe – a saucy G string, or tatty pair of Y fronts – slip them on and try Lucky Pants now.

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