200 free slots spins when you join Bingo Cafe

Added 2011-06-03 16:21:17

Come on! The cappuccino machine is hissing away and we have saved you a seat at Bingo Cafe. But, there is a delicious twist to Bingo Cafe -- it's 3-D bingo! Instead of the boring top-down view of your bingo cards, you can move around in a virtual environment. Design your own avatar, walk from table to table and mingle with other players -- it's so exciting, and we know you are going to love it.

It's not just bingo you can play at Bingo Cafe -- play slots, play casino ... the graphics are so realistic you can almost reach out and smell the coffee. And, to introduce you to this marvellous new 3-D world, there is a £10 free trial for you and 200 slots spins.

Bingo Cafe are redhot on their tournament action -- every month, you can win your share of £1000 if you bingo on the lucky patterns. Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, leprechauns and rabbit feet -- call a full house to make the money yours.

We are totally addicted to this fabulous online bingo site in the office and it really does liven up your playing day. And with 200 free slots spins when you join? Save us a chair, we are on our way. And please can we have chocolate sprinkles on our cappuccino?

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Written by Tracy Garnett.