20000 OMPs and 10 Silver Coins Were Up For Grabs Yesterday

Added 2014-12-11 06:07:43

The number 27 was your Wednesday Windfall number with full-housers sharing 20,00 OMPs.  If you bingo-ed on the number 10 though, thanks to our advent calendar, you also got 10 silver coins!

Congrats to these peeps who grab 4,000 OMPs each:


Now then, what was wrong with the number 10?  Not a single player bingo-ed on it!  So, because it's Christmas, let's give 10 silver coins to anyone that grabbed a 1L or 2L pot on the number 10...only one person!  You guys obviously don't like silver coins lol!  Congrats to xreigyboysx.