2016 Daily Ball Games

Added 2016-06-13 09:22:00

If you haven’t heard already, the Euros are underway. In celebration of the football championships, Ladbrokes Bingo is debuting its very own set of ball games. The 2016 Daily Bingo ball games have begun. All games take place in the Living Room bingo room. You’ll have a chance to take part from now, until Thursday the 7th of July. Over £275,000 in real cash bingo prizes are yours for the taking.

You have officially been drafted to play in the Ladbroke’s daily ball games. 5 games will play per day for the duration of the competition. The first game starts at 19:00, then games continue hourly until 23:00.

Thankfully, the daily ball games are not expensive. Unlike their live football counterparts, tickets to these games will not cost you and arm and a leg. In fact, tickets can be bought for just 50p each!

In each game, £2016 is up for grabs. This means that per day, Ladbrokes Bingo is giving away over £10,000. The Daily Ball Bingo will be showering players will real cash opportunities this summer. It is part of a mega giveaway of £275,000. How much of it will you take home?

Fancy celebrating the Euros but not much of a football fan? Don’t worry, Ladbrokes bingo has you covered.