25 quid free at Bingo Castle

Added 2011-01-06 14:28:35

I looked at this bingo site the other day and it drew me because of the £25 you get free to play with. I signed myself up and had to wait for an e-mail to come through before my account would be activated with the £25. I went back on Bingo Castle this morning and i received my bonus money so i had some games. This is a very good 1st time offer of free money so you can see if this could be the bingo site for you. I liked what i saw from playing on this site and i would consider joining but not at the moment (skint) lol. The homepage is set-up nicely with everything you need to do is easy to understand and straight forward.

The only problem i found is that you carn't chat in the chat rooms until you have made your 1st deposit so i can not comment on the people who play or the cm's as i did'nt get chance to find this out.

I would recommend you to go and try this site as its a good 1st start bonus, we all like things for free lol and i did enjoy myself. Hope you go and try and the BEST OF LUCK.