25 quid free bingo on Bingo Sky

Added 2010-09-10 11:44:38

I found BINGOSKY.COM  here on OHMYBINGO and next to its name it said £25 FREE so I thought why not check it out, as with most people FREE is very appealing, so off I went to register my new account at BINGO SKY gave all my details and was auto logged in, hmm NO £25 so I logged out and logged back in again but still no £25, so I went to support to find out what I needed to do to get my free bingo money,I wrote :-  

 xbunnykinsx at 09-09-2010 19:15:02Hi I found your site via OHMYBINGO and on the list its says £25 free money, which I assume is to try site out before depositing, I have registered but do not seem to have got my free £25, how do I receive it please, Kim (xbunnykinsx) 

And this was the reply I received-

 Message from *SKY* Breanna at 09-09-2010 19:17:55Hello Kim. Thanks for contacting us. OHMYBINGO seems to be dislaying an ad that expired in June. The free trial has been replaced with a new promotion “10K Bingo Free roll” This can be played only within the “10K Bingo Free roll” room. We will award over 10K in FREE bingo games for all new and loyal players to enjoy. This can be played between noon & midnight BST. Regards, Angel BingoSKY Support 

So I am now checking out the new '10K bingo free roll' room and hope this helps others who are expecting free £25 and never receive it and I also hope that OHMYBINGO change this listing accordingly so as to prevent any other confusion lol, and OHMYBINGO  keep up the good work x


Message from Oh My Bingo

Thanks for alerting us :) We've changed the offer on the site