25 Quid to Try Bingo Castle

Added 2010-08-15 14:29:27

Hi all just want to let you all know that I received an E-mail from BINGOCASTLE, stating that I can get £25 free with no deposit. I thought oooooo yeah this is a good deal.  They had 2 bingo rooms open -  80 Ball and 90 Ball, the Full house prize money was really good. I thought oooo I can win some money for free here...lol ....as you do.  WAS I SOOOOOO WRONG - Well found out that if you win any moneys from the bonus money..... you cannot bank it, also, when you deposit your  own money - and you still have any monies left from the £25 bonus money and winnings (even when it states it is in the Bingo Cash), they take it off you. So basically you playing bingo with the bonus to win nothing really. Its like teasing you lol.

Then found out that when you do deposit any money - you have to play online bingo with all the people whom have just joined and got their bingo bonus (are you all with me on this - its quite complicated - lol), so obviously for BINGOCASTLE its a win win situation really for the site - and a lose lose situation for the bingo players whom have deposited. Im not really saying that everyone is a loser, but with the way I have worked it out, and spoke to the members in chat, that all the newbies who had just joined were winning.....  and there was a couple whom had deposited and  NOT won anything. So where does that leave the people who have just deposited £20. Oh yeah you have to Deposit £20 to get your 333% bonus. . . no less

Sites like these I really do think that they are a BIG CON...... and they think that we were born yesterday, but it is very deceiving and sly..... Very Naughty.

The CM made us feel quite uncomfortable and made us think we were in the wrong with all the questions we were asking, finally with saying to us - If you have any problems contact support.......,  which we didnt have any problems, we were just asking simple questions..... with regards to finding out if OUR WELL EARNED MONEY is worth depositing at their site. SO IF SHE CANT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS WE ASKED, THEN OBVIOUSLY NOT!

Must say tho, i did spend all the bonus money (LOL), got a bit fed up of winning a lot of the time cos we couldnt keep it (lol), and quite saddened to leave, as a lot of the members and newbies were very fun to chat with - IT WAS A LAUGH I MUST ADMIT. Hee hee. Even the CM was then fun once we had our questions unanswered (lol).

Oh also have to say there was a particular member who came into our conversation with "I havent had any problems with this site". Just really funny how I hadnt seen that members name all through the time I had been there. Then all of a sudden they come up with that remark....... mmmmmmmm leaves you wondering tho lol. But as I say Each To Their Own and she/he was probably genuine.

Try it though as this is just my opinion..... YOU DO PLAY WITH A GIFT OF £25.00 BONUS MONEY  AFTER ALL. xxx AND ITS FREE BINGO AND ITS ON THEM. LOL

Would have rather played in free lobby in my favourite bingo sites. At least if I win it the money will be MINE. LOL

would like to know if anyone thought any different to the site..... and try to prove me wrong..... I await your HAPPY opinions folks. . . Dont want to make any enemies tho lol. x x x happy opinions please.