26K Boxing Day Game at Vernons Bingo

Added 2013-12-26 10:19:48

Win a share of £1 million guaranteed in the 12 Days of Christmas, at Vernons Bingo.

Forget a partridge in a pear tree, what you need to do is this – play on boxing night, and you could be winning a share of £100,000 guaranteed at Vernons Bingo. These amazing games run all the way through until New Year’s Eve, where you’ll find £50,000 guaranteed. Cards start from 5p each, and games include 1 TG, 2 TG, and Last Chance Saloon.

But the real icing on the cake is the £26,000 Linx game today, Boxing Day. Tickets are quite expensive, so mind how you go – however, it is buy six for £2. And wow – what a night it will be – it’s one line for £5000, two lines for £5000, and the full house is £5000 as well. Where does the remainder of the 26k go? £11,000 will be split up between 1 TG and 2 TG winners, making it an absolute boon for runners up.

Join Vernons now and meet Stan the pug dog – he’s got a month of free bingo for you, plus a £20 free bonus. Head to the Penthouse after you join, and you’ll find 18 free games everyday, with prizes up to £50.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.