£2.8k Rock & Rollover Bingo Jackpot won by MrQ Player

Added 2019-03-22 13:03:00

A respectable amount of £2.8k has been won by a player at MrQ on their Rock & Rollover bingo game.

MrQ.com, a new bingo site on it's own proprietary bingo platform which launched in August 2018, has an exclusive 75 ball jackpot game called Rock & Rollover.

And on Tuesday 19th March 2019, a player won the first ever jackpot of £2,888.

Rock & Rollover bingo has a progressive jackpot unlike other 75 ball games, and comes with a unique twist, where if no player wins the game in 21 calls or less, the game ends and the prize rolls over to the following day.

The Rock & Rollover game starts every day at 8pm with tickets costing £1, so head on over now to MrQ Bingo and see if you'll be the next jackpot winner!