294 golds 6tg woo hoo

Added 2012-09-11 15:48:19

OMG its been so long since i have written a news report i think that i have forgotten how to lol.

Well here goes, i just wanted to share my excitement with you all i have managed to save up 294 lovely shiny gold coins.

I only need 6 more coins to be able to claim my second big prize this time the ipod.

My youngest son has been asking for an ipod for Christmas so thank you to OhMyBingo he will get his wish.

A year past March i claimed my first big prize which was the dsi for my oldest son who was delighted as it as a pokemon dsi and came with a pokemon game. He could not believe that Ben had chosen this and that i had not requested that it was a pokemon dsi and game lol. Today this day he still thinks that i must have asked for a pokemon one.

Good luck to tickle who is also near claiming her second big prize.

So to all newbies it is possible not only to win enough golds to claim one big prize but that's me almost away to claim my second and look forward to collecting again for my third.