2k to Aid Escape from Big Brother House

Added 2012-07-26 08:17:16

Those crazy Big Brother contestants – they spend half of their life wanting to be a star on everybody's favourite reality show, but then as soon as they get into the house, they want to escape! Now you can break out of the Big Brother House yourself, with the £2000 Breakaway. This is a free game with a £2000 prize potential, and it plays on Saturday, July 28. What would you do if you won the cash? Somewhere hot and sunny? A luxury spa weekend? The cash is yours to do as you please, but first you gotta earn your free cards. For instance, if you tell the blog where you'd breakaway to, you get 10 points. You get points every time you cover  the aeroplane pattern, and on bingo and instant games. Cover the full house for £1200, two lines will win you £500, and one line will win you £300. More details can be found here.

Housemates are getting restless because the end of month Wrap Party is coming up. The is a once-monthly game on Tuesday, July 21 where you can win £25 bonus funds for just a penny.

So come on – that famous theme music is starting, and it's time to take your place in the House of Fame. Register today, and walk down that famous Stairway to Swag, and meet your new housemates.

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