2nd anniversary of the passing of cat44joe donna

Added 2014-06-03 08:00:01

hiya hun, i know you are looking down on all your omb buddies..just wanted to do one of me poems for you on this sad anniversary


was 2 long years ago that heidi rang to say

the angels have been down and theyve taken you away

it took my breath away and my eyes filled up with tears

we had come to be so close over the past 2 years.


a few weeks later we all met up at blackpool for the do

it didnt feel the same us having fun without you

we let off loads of balloons which went up very high

i hope u got the messages on your new place in the sky


they say that times a healer but i dont thing that is true

cos there is not a day goes by when i dont think of you

the memories of all our chats while i walked along the beach

but memories are all i have your hand i cannot reach


so you take care my dearest while you look down from above

you'll never be forgotten and you'll always have my love


see ya some day kidda..love and miss you loads xxxx