2p Daily Affair at Posh Bingo

Added 2013-03-01 07:37:59

Ever fancied cheating on your current site? Well now, you can have a Daily Affair, at Posh Bingo. This cheeky little game is a real adrenaline rush – it plays every evening at 7:15 PM, and you can win £50 for a mere 2p. Or, if you fancy even more naughty fun, check out the penny bingo games where you can win £25 each day. These play at 8: 15 in the evening, and are the perfect way to taste the forbidden. More info.

Elsewhere, I can highly recommend speed games between 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM. These really do move quickly, because there is only a maximum of four daubs per game. The jackpot varies, and so does the ticket price – anywhere between 5p and £1.

To get a real feel for Posh, make sure you spend a few hours nattering in the Chatterbox room. This fabulous new location is open around the clock, and all tickets cost 5p/1p. Meet the fabulous roomies, get to know the chat moderators, and even play a chat game or two.

Get glam at Posh Bingo with a 250% welcome bonus, which is triggered when you deposit £5, and then it's onwards to dazzle and shine.


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Written by Tracy Garnett.