2p Games This September at Rovers Bingo

Added 2013-09-21 15:27:43

Run with the pack every Tuesday and Saturday at Rover's Bingo. The team tournaments are here, and this is your chance to get together with your buddies to win 50,000 points. To qualify, just keep on playing as much as you can – score as many full house wins as possible, and climb to the top of the Rovers Bingo leaderboard.

Rover likes to foam at the mouth every Friday, but thankfully it's not rabies – it's Friday Fever. These games have a £150 guaranteed jackpot, and tickets cost 50p at all times. The chat moderators are full of surprises, and they give away loads of loyalty points, and lots of other goodies.

And Rover's tail is wagging particularly hard in September, thanks to his new Bargain Bingo games, with guaranteed cash prizes. Every Tuesday and Sunday in September, between 7 PM and 8 PM, grab your tickets to play fun-packed games with big prizes. Play a 1p game to win a £10 jackpot, a 2p game to win a £15 jackpot, and free games to win £1 jackpot.

Time to meet the that dog in sunglasses – he's a real cool dude. Rover has a £20 bonus, plus a £2500 bonus wheel. Bow wow wow indeed.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.