3 Million Quid Game Plays This Saturday at Polo Bingo

Added 2012-03-30 08:32:36

Scream! This is the big one! You could be winning £3 million courtesy of Polo Bingo THIS SATURDAY, March 31. You can pre-buy your £1 tickets now, or any time before the game starts. It's eyes down at 8 PM - £3 million is the maximum amount you could win, with £10,000 guaranteed. If you are the first Polo Bingo player to cover the 75 ball card, the winnings will be yours. Who knows, this weekend could change your life.

One of our favourite games at Polo Bingo is Payday Bingo. Once again, the maximum winnings are huge - you could win a £10,000 Mega Salary. There is £2000 guaranteed, and tickets cost just 30p - snap them up now to be in with the best chance of winning.

Ready to join Moon Bingo? Good things happen when you register. You get a £20 free bingo bonus when you open an account and then it's time to drop the Kachinga Coin. Kachinga is a fun game of chance - get lucky, and you could be winning anywhere up to £10,000 with £10 guaranteed. So - it's ritzy, it's glitzy, it's glamorous - it's Polo Bingo. Sign today to collect up to £1000 in free bingo bonuses.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.