3 quid free at Golden Hat Bingo

Added 2010-03-21 10:53:41

hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has had any trouble getting their free 3 pounds bbs from golden hat bingo?

i put all my details down and even put in my bank details but i never had the 3 pound put into account. i put the promo code down and it said that i had qualified for it so where is it. i wanted to try Golden Hat Bingo out before i made a deposit or do you need to make a deposit first and then they credit you with 3 pounds.

i wanted to try out golden hat as ive read a few good reviews about it and a couple of my friends actually use the site and they have said its one of their favourite sites.  but i dont want to just take their word for it as everyone's taste is different.

dont fancy depositing 20 pounds and then not liking it.that could have been 20 spent on other sites i know and actually like but i fancy a change of scenery. its just come to me that do you actually have to go into a room first and then they credit you,because i have been on some sites where you need to go into a room first and then you have got your money or bbs waiting for you.