300 percent deposit bonus at Zoom Bingo

Added 2010-03-05 14:00:44

I signed up to zoom bingo about a week ago. You get a 300% first deposit bonus, unfortunately that did not last me long . although the rooms were not very busy and i was buying loads of strips i just could not win! out of £40 i won a line which  was around £5. there seemed to be a lot of same people winning over and over which gets on my nerves sometimes i just think why is it never me lol. Any way i was sitting around very bored on saturday when i remembered seeing in the promos that there are free bingo room on zoom bingo at weekends so i went on and there it was, there were only around 8 people playing so i won a few times. then i noticed the auto buy button on Zoom Bingo which allowas you to auto buy up to 25 games and the free games are every 10 mins so i auto bought and went away out for the afternoon to do my shoppiung etc came back about 3 hours later and it was still playing and i had won around £9 so maybe its not such a bad site after all will be going back this weekend for the free games but i expect it will be a lot busier lol