30K Pick N Mix Sunday Night at Ladbrokes

Added 2012-08-15 10:49:20

Woo hoo! It's nearly the weekend (well, Wednesday is close enough, isn't it?) So, it's time to think about joining Ladbroke's  for All Sorts of Fun, on Sunday, August 19.

This is a networked evening, with £30,000 in prize money, with heaps of 1 TG and 2 TG games. Also for your enjoyment are  Linx games, Big Money games, Last Chance Saloon games, and penny games. Also, be sure you try out the brilliant new Roll On games, which give you extra chances to win after the full house has been called. These take place at Ladbroke's in the Living Room between 6 PM and midnight – it truly is an evening of pick and mix fun, so put it in your diary, or pre-buy now if you can't be around to play. Find out more.

As one of the most popular UK bingo sites, Ladbroke's is the perfect place to share with your friends. If you love to gossip and chat, tell your buddies, and once they sign up, you will get £20 free.

But first, you've got to become a member yourself – whiz through the quick and easy signup process, and pick up your £30 free. Will you be one of 10,000 Ladbroke's weekly winners? You are about to find out.

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