30p Weekend Wonga Tickets at Diva Bingo

Added 2013-01-05 05:30:19

All girlies love a good gossip, and you can do just this at DivaBingo. Why? Because they give you free bingo cash when you join them on their Twitter and Facebook. Start following them on Twitter to get £1 free, and start following them on Facebook to get 2000 points free in just one click.  Read more here.

And if you love glamorous prizes, then make sure you get your eyes down at 8 PM every Friday in the Chatterbox room. The prizes change every week, and you could win anything from hair straighteners, hampers, to gadgets galore.

And would you believe it? The weekend is already here, and the best place to play is in the Access All Areas room. Strictly speaking, it's not over the weekend – you can play every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. All tickets are fixed at 30p, and all bingo pots are priced at £100.

I can highly recommend the game Kachinga as well – it's a coin drop game which you get access to if you deposit £40 each week. Drop your coin, and see if you can win up to 1,000,000 bonus points – now wouldn't that be a nice surprise to start 2013?

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