36 Characters to Collect at Bingo Godz

Added 2013-09-09 07:51:23

Welcomed to the heavenly world of Bingo Godz. At first glance, this brand-new site may seem like your usual free bingo sites, but there are many features that you simply must explore.

As you play, you work your way through different realms, and there are 36 gods to collect. Each god has its own incredible ability. Look out for the Gods appearing in rooms, where they will dish out marvellous rewards, including free tickets, bonuses, and bigger prizes. Click here for more details on Bingo Godz.

To collect a god, all you need to do is buy tickets, and you must collect all six in each round before you move through to the next world. The mythical worlds include Greek, Eastern, Egyptian, Tik, Norse, and space.

But you don't just collect the Gods for fun – as you move through the worlds, the prizes become bigger and better. In the Cosmic world, the prizes are biggest of all, so the sooner you get collecting the icons, the sooner you can ascend into space and win big.

You can also play your favourite slots and casino games as well – they really have thought of everything – well, they are Godz after all.

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Written by Tracy Garnett