4 day deposit bonus at Foxy Bingo

Added 2010-02-11 10:49:14

hi ev1 from 2day the 11/02/2010 foxy are giving all their players a 100% bonus on the first deposit of the day, and on sunday ev1 will get 140% bonus on the first deposit that day, this offer is for all players no matter what level vip member you are, the minimum deposit needed is £10 to get this offer and the maximin bonus is £100, also during the next four days foxy are giving away £2500 in free games daily, the largest free game is worth £250, however these are secret free games meaning you have to keep checking the site for when the games appear, if you like free bonus points then join foxybingos facebook fanpage and you will be given 2000 points free which is £2 cash, you cant beat free money. foxy like most sites have whats called teambingo you need 3/4 players per team and at the end of every month the top teams get a share of  loads of free points, teams score points by winning bingo games so if any of your team mates win a game your team will be given points to move up the scoreboard, if anyone wants to make a team up let me know and once we have enough team mates i will email foxy with a team name which can be what ever you like and the following month we can with luck win some free points/money, just leave a comment to this report with your foxybingo username and i will reply asap.