4K Mothers Day Jackpot at Iceland Bingo

Added 2013-03-08 07:47:27

Wrap up warm, we’re going into the freezer – it’s time to take a trip to Iceland Bingo. And guess what? You could be winning a share of a £4000 Mother’s Day Jackpot,

This game is only open to Ruby or Diamond level VIPs, and actually, it must be said, tickets are rather expensive – £10 each, but there is a full house of £2000, and the odds of winning will be fairly decent, because of less players. Join now.

You can also win two free tickets with every £20 you deposit, and with every £50 you deposit, you’ll get six free tickets. Providing you always remember to deposit and play responsibly, this game should be a blast.

The New York shopping spree game is much better value – currently, you can buy three tickets for £1, but this offer ends on Friday, March 15. The prize is sensational – you get four nights in New York City, and a $10,000 spending prize. There’s a chauffeur driven limousine, and you’ll be staying at the incredible Waldorf Astoria hotel. Every need will be catered for, including entertainment, as the prize also includes tickets to a top Broadway show.

Double your cash with a 200% welcome bonus – it’s time to chill out and try Iceland Bingo now.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.