5 goldies up tonight on OhMyBingo

Added 2011-07-06 09:10:13

woooo i am 5 goldies up 2nite.. i was lucky enough to win 3 goldies on gold hour and with the silver i won with them i managed to have enough to change over for 2 more golds.. i am now on 130 golds and it has taken me a while but for all the new people or all the people who feel like they only have a couple.. trust me i was there once and you will soon get there. Nothing comes easy lol but at the same time i have had so much fun whilst earning them golds. What could be more better then earning prizes whilst talking to your friends and having so much online bingo fun?

As i am now on 130 golds that means i ahve only 20 golds away from my camcorder... yessss lol i actually feel like i am getting somewhere lol. I will look forward in redeeming for my camcorder :)

I am very grateful to pete for giving me some luck lately as he knows that i want it for my holiday lol. But i just hope that he don't stop as it is only 20 golds i need for it now.

Good luck all on getting your prize and i hope you don't have to wait long xxxxxx