5 quid give away at Tombola

Added 2015-02-02 07:13:45

Wooohoooo its back.Tombola are giving away a free fiver to all its members starting on the 2nd of Febuary.

Tombola Bingo has got to be for me the best bingo site ever,although i never win anything lol.Your ten quid goes a long way with tickets as low as 2p.Theres the hamster race which is so funny,battleships,cinco,bandit to name a few.If you have not joinned up yet where have you been all this time  on pluto lol.

Ok back to the free dosh.Im doing a list for you guys so you know when you can claim your free fiver,now this may take me some time as im a 1 finger typer.Go grab a brew while i start the list.

Letter A Monday 2nd Feb

Letter B Wednesday 4th Feb

Letter C Friday 6th Feb

Letter D Sunday 8th Feb

Letters E and F Tuesday10th Feb

Letter G Wednesday 11th Feb

Letter H Thursday 12th Feb

Letters I and J Sunday 15th Feb

Letter k Monday 16th Feb

Letter L Tuesday 17th Feb

Letter M Thursday 19th Feb

Letters N and O Saturday 21st Feb

Letter P Sunday 22nd Feb

Letters Q and R 24th Feb--- oh my birthday 21 again hee hee

Letter S Wednesday 25th Feb

Letters T U V Friday 27th Feb

Letter W Saturday 28th Feb

Letters X Y Z Monday 2nd March

Now the catch lol you must of funded £20 to be eligible to claim the fiver.

Im going for a brew now gawd that took some typing.

Best of luck guys hope the fiver brings you all lots of luck.