5 silvers away from my free OhMyBingo Camcorder

Added 2011-08-02 12:10:34

Yesss i am 5 silvers away from my last gold for my camcorder... I am so happy as i am sure i will get them by wednesday so i can have my camcorder for my holiday. I am so glad to have won it on time as i would have been gutted not to take a camcorder on holiday as i do not have alot of money to buy one and it would save me some spending money. I just hope it don't take me long for the 5 silver as they say it's always the last few that keep you waiting lol. But however long i wait it will be worth it as i have seen the camcorder on the facebook fan page and it looks fab i have falling in love with it lol.

It has taken me months to save up 150 gold and now it will pay off lol although it has taken me long in saving i have has so many great chats with my friends and all the cms are great and i have really enjoyed myself and i can't thank Ben enough for a great site he has and for all the great competitions he has thrown at us on OhMyBingo xxx