50 Shades of OhMyBingo

Added 2012-10-17 09:48:16

There I was a normal saturday night perusing the internet. Suddenly I had the urge to watch a few balls get flung about. Off in pursuit I went to fulfil my desires. I tenderley stroked the keys emphasising every stroke of the board when a site caught my eye and tickled my fancy. I cant say if it was the purple white and blue of the logo or the slippery slidiness of the OhMyBingo site finder on the homepage or a combination of both, But something grabbed me that day and had a tight firm grasp on my desires.

I was mesmerised and fascinated by the winking, blinking and flashing of the adverts each one with something special and different to itch that spot. First of all I tweeked the free money slider, twiddled the 1st deposit bonus button and finally massaged the free bingo slider and pushed that wonderful find me a bingo button.

Then all of a sudden it happenend it just popped up a huge list of bingo site offers. I studied the list excitedly like a child at christmas time. I clicked the button and was taken away on a wild ride to far away site. But something was not right I yearned for that beautiful purpleness I just had to go back.....................