500 quid prize draw at online casino site Jackpot Party

Added 2010-11-01 11:19:56

After reading the review for Jackpot Party on oh my casino, I thought id have a look and  see if it had launched.  Its due to launch in the Autumn but if you sign up to their mailing list you will be entered into a prize draw for £500 You will allso be first to hear about the opening and exclusive offers.The draw closes 5th November so get in Quick.

You are also able to preview the site and games and it looks to be exciting with brand new games that are exclusive to that site. There will also be random jackpots on all slot  games whatever stake your playing and these are displayed on the home page.

JackpotParty really looks to be worth your while checking the site out now, if like myself you enjoy slots as much as bingo, but are getting bored of the same slots on multiple sites.

They also have your regular casino table games. The only thing missing is bingo!

I know JackpotParty.com is not a bingo review, it's for a casino site but wanted to let you know about the draw as i dont expect many people would have signed up as yet. After all who wouldnt love a chance to win £500 just by giving your email address.