500 quid World Chat Challenge at Mecca Bingo

Added 2010-06-13 11:44:07

hey guys just to let you know that Mecca Bingo are running this challenge

if you play bingo in the 2 little ducks or the key to the door room the CMs will ask questions that are non football related about different countries from around the world. every one of these questions that you win and get right you win 3 points from the CM, which will be added up and posted on a league table for everyone to see.

by the time the 12th of July rolls around you should have accumulated quite a few of these points, and the winner will win £350 in bonus money to spend on the slots and bingo cards at Mecca, then 2nd place wins £100 and 3rd place wins £50 - imagine how many cards you could buy with that???

and in the view of fairness, Mecca Bingo will only allow a maximum of 9 points per day to be won, so you can answer 3 questions right. also, they won't be telling people when they'll be asking the questions, they'll just do it randomly, which I think is pretty cool as it means people throughout the day will get a chance to win and it won't just be people who camp out in the rooms thinking they can will all the questions lol ...

I hope I've explained it well, but if not, Mecca do have a full explanation on their website ...