50p to win 10k at Gala Bingo Online

Added 2012-11-02 05:32:07

If you ever fancy pushing the boat out, and trying your luck at winning a big prize, then certainly consider the huge Linx games at Gala. There are three every day, with a big one at the end of the month. Play Gala Bingo online now.

The first plays at 12 PM, with a £1500 prize. The second plays at 6 PM with a £2500 prize. And, if you can bear the excitement before bedtime, there is a game at 10:30 PM with a £4000 prize. The best thing about all of these games is the ticket price – all cost 50p, and can be pre-booked in advance.

The excitement gets to fever pitch at the end of the month – there's a £10,000 guaranteed game on the last Sunday. So, while you're there buying a few tickets for games, don't forget to snap up a few for the end-of-month biggie.

Also, make a date in your diary to play explosive chat games on Sunday November 4. There will be 10 firework-themed chat games, with trivia, quizzes, and number-based games. If you climb to the top of the leaderboard, you will win the latest games console – bang! Join Gala today for your £30 freebie – it's time to light the online bingo fuse.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.