57 More Goldies Needed From OhMyBingo

Added 2011-06-09 10:09:04

Please be nice Pete lol i need 57 more golds to get for the camcorder.. i am aiming to get it by September, as i am going away for a week.. please help me out Pete lol... also after seeing Tickles cam corder posts on OhMyBingo today made me really feel like wanting it quicker lol. I am on 93 golds and i seem to be stuck at this point i need some good luck lol.. The camcorder looks so good. I have done really well so far but i have come to a stand still lol, im finding it hard to get the rest of the golds lol. 

I am hoping to manage to get them byt September with a bit of lukc it would come right in handy for my little break away as i would of had to try and buy 1. I am hoping Pete sees this message and he helps me in gold hour as i only manage to get on and play for gold hour lol and sometimes a few games after or before gold hour... Wish me luck lol I am hoping to win the golds needed lol.. I wish you all good luck with what your getting good luck and me please xxx