5k Real cash could be yours with the Bingo MagiX Live Slots Tourney

Added 2012-04-03 14:32:55

Who don’t like to pocket the jackpots?  But too many players taking part in your game and spoiling your shot at the jackpot, right? Do we have the game for you! Yes, Bingo MagiX has just got in a fantastic promo which is giving away £5000 real cash for top players taking part in the promo. This £5000 real cash is going to be given away for top 75 players taking part in the Live Slots Tourney. You know what that means don’t you? No matter how many players are playing or how many jackpots have been won, you’ll always have your shot at the £5000 being given away. This special Live Slots Tourney is only for funded players so every player has to make a deposit to be eligible to claim the £5000 prize. All you have to do is make sure you keep playing all through the month and who knows, you might even win a couple of great jackpots along the way! So that’s like jackpots, unlimited fun and a £5000 prize to top it all off!

For every wager you make on Bingo MagiX, during the Live Slots Tourney, you get points. You have to accumulate maximum points at the end of the promo to win. Bingo MagiX has made it that much easier for you to keep track of how you are doing with the live LeaderBoard. Just check your status on the LeaderBoard and if you are being pulled to the bottom, play a bit more and that’s it, you’ll be back in the race before you know it.

The Live Slots Tourney is open for all players irrespective of their loyalty status or deposit history. New members joining Bingo MagiX during the month can also take part in the promo and stand a chance to win the £5000. Besides these fabulous offers, Bingo MagiX also has some exciting new player promotions which include a £15 free signup bonus, 300% deposit bonus and up to 450% reload bonus. Make most of the Live Slots Tourney and make sure you are one of the top 75 players playing for the £5000. What are you waiting for? Logon to Bingo MagiX and get to the top of the LeaderBoard and stay there!