7 Free Cards Every Evening at 7 PM at Bingo Giving

Added 2012-05-04 08:18:59

Every month, Bingo Giving donate to a different charity, and throughout May it's going to be the Encephalitis Society. This outstanding organisation was suggested by roomie Ninja – help them raise hundreds of pounds, whilst having fun playing super games of online bingo.

While you play Bingo Giving, don't forget to snap up a few £1 tickets for the lucky £7777 game. It plays on May 31 at 9 PM, and the prizes are going to be lucky for everybody. Get the full house to win £4000, cover two lines to win £2300, and cover one line to win £1477.

And, possibly even more exciting than this, is the seven free tickets you can take every evening in May. It's called the 7 at 7 and it plays at 7 PM in all bingo rooms – talk about generosity!

And while you are playing at Bingo Giving, don't forget to take a peek inside the Giving Hangout, where you could win a £5 Amazon voucher at the top of every hour on top of your full house. 

So, ready to join Bingo Giving? Spin the wheel, win free bingo bonuses and also get 48 hours of free bingo from the moment you register.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.