70pc redeposit bonus with Wink Bingo on the 8th of april

Added 2010-04-09 14:28:33

just enter SHOWERS in caps to get a 70% bonus with WINK BINGO  on the 8th of april only.


 Only enter it if your making a redeposit then you will get a 20% extra over the normal 50% offerd.


If you make a deposit of 10.00 for example you will get a cracking 7.50 free giving you a grand total of 17.50


This offer is only on wink bingo and applies only on the 8th of april so dont delay deposit today!!!!.


My girlfriend deposited today and won 23.00 on 75 ball bingo so it was well worth it.


I hope this info comes in usefull for someone the word SHOWERS must be enterd in CAPS on the deposit page beside where it says promotinal codes.


Wink bingo is a good site with lots of differnt games to play and prizes to win it also offers free bingo and in total ive won over £100 from just depositing £20 the only drawback for new players is that you have to deposit £20 to be able to withdraw any bingo winning from it which i found out the hard way but on the plus side it does offer 10%cashback whoopie lol