888 Ladies Bingo is Now a Much Better Online Site

Added 2010-08-17 07:44:09

hey there have you all checked out the nicer and better value for money 888 Ladies Bingo site?  I am realy liking and enjoying playing on 888 Ladies lately, it used to be hardly no free games and big money spends when buying cards, but now it is loads better.

It offers loads more free bingo games throughout the day where you can win points to play on the site and there is now a lot more cheap games you can play, like 1p games and 5p games.

It is much better value for money now and you don't have to be rich to play on the site.  They still have high purchase games but now there is a lot better choice as to which rooms that you can play your bingo games in :) .

Was not realy a fan before but i really like the improvements that they have made to the online bingo site now.  Go along and check it out, it is a lot better.  You get a 50% re-deposit bonus also now on any re-deposits that you make and it is no longer a minium of £20, it is now only a min of £10 deposit.