888 Ladies Bingo Team Tourney needs YOU

Added 2011-06-06 14:57:39

It's time to get the girlies together for the 888 Ladies Bingo team tournament. Every month, you can win your share of £3000, which is equivalent of 3 million loyalty points. Get together with up to 2 of your best bingo buddies and prepare to climb up that leaderboard. What fun!

Not got anybody to play with? Then you need to spread the good word of 888 Ladies Bingo. Tell them this -- they will get a £25 welcome bonus plus an extra £2 just for accepting the invitation -- that's £27 instant free play for them. You should have no problem recruiting lots and lots of people to join the ranks of 888 Ladies Bingo with an offer a sensational as this.

A piece of advice for recruiting troops -- work through your mobile phone and e-mail contacts, and don't forget to speak to your favourite roomies from other sites too.

If you aren't a member of 888 Ladies Bingo yet, you need to join right NOW. There's a £5 no deposit bonus waiting for you, plus a 200% welcome bonus. Not to be sniffed at. If you are a female and you love online bingo, then you MUST be a member of 888 Ladies Bingo -- this is an absolute fact.

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Written by Tracy Garnett.