90 quid in deal or no deal bingo codes freebies

Added 2015-09-17 16:29:20

hello all oh my fans. so been on deal or no deal bingo and  i have found some good codes worth sharing with you fans. i do not know how long these codes last but i can promise they work and you can withdraw on them. if you not a member i would highly recommend signing up to use these codes for free. 

5FOR1 spend 1 for 5 bonus. 

5FREE 5 free slots bonus

5BDON 5 free bingo bonus

10BDON 10 free bingo bonus 

DONB15 15 free bingo bonus

DONB20 20 free bingo bonus

15DONG 15 free slots bonus

20DONG 20 free slots bonus

if any body else has any free codes for the site feel free to comment and share with us all. also for any other sites too. hope you enjoy the codes and hope you win. i will see you all in the OhMyBingo rooms very soon take care.