A Bad Day in Online Bingo Land

Added 2010-08-24 09:07:13

Well it has been a bad day so I thought I would come and have a moan.  Played on oh my bingo and loads of paid online bingo sites and my luck on the paid sites has been realy awful to say the least.

On OhMyBingo my luck has been not great today, but not awful either.  I've had the few odd wins here and there, not going to complain as who can - it is free after all and my roomies are fab so it is just nice to have a chat and it is a bonus if you win :)

I've had to catch up on all my spring cleaning (sorry bonbon for swearing lol) so to round off a bad day, what better than to have a good moan and get it all off your chest - feels loads better.

Also the weather has been awful so got soaked going to the shops -  so i could get back and play the golden hour.  Well bingo is so quiet now so see if I can get another game in or two.  If not off to bed to sleep away a bad day and hope fully tomorrow is a much better one (fingers crossed anyway lol)