A Big Bingo Thank You to the OhMyBingo Community

Added 2010-08-01 11:04:46

here i go off again with all the big thank yous to all my friends and fellow ohmybingo players.  But this time it is to all of you who do a regualr post on bingo news.  I've got some great deposit bonuses, free bingo games and free slot machine games thanks to all you who choose the option to post bingo news. you have saved me depositing on some sites with all your info on some site .

it has also made my online bingo thoughts make sense as a lot of you agree and have expressed same thoughts  . i recentely found tiki game on jackpot joy and won of a free game not loads but any thing for free is greatttt .  so to all my oh my bingo posties carry on great work it does realy help in deciding when and were to play your  online bingo games . ive made a lot more in formed decisions since coming on oh my bingo on were i play my bingo games as there are so many sites out there it help when some one else has tried it out  before you decide to play . ty ty ty gl to you all were ever you play.