A Big Thank You for the Welcome Here and Tombola intro

Added 2013-01-13 11:23:15

Hi everyone, i only recently joined OMB, and i can honestly say i couldn't get over how friendly and welcoming everyone has been. i'm still trying to work out what to do here [i'm not even sure if i should be writing this here lol] but every time i ask a question in chat, there's always someone ready with advice.

I only started playing online bingo 15 months ago after getting a £5 free voucher to spend at Tombola bingo in a magazine. i won £17 with it, and from then on i was hooked.

But one thing i have learned is the importance of reading the T&C s of every site before joining,and setting a limit to how much you deposit/wager  as it is quite an addictive game. I'm really careful when playing pay sites though, and the first chance i win enough to withdraw.......i do it,  It's far too easy to think 'oh i'm on a winning streak,so i'll try to win more' and then end up losing what you won.i don't suppose that makes me popular with the pay sites though.LOl

I hope to meet and make friends with you all in time and thanks again for the welcome. good luck to you all x