A Big Thanks for my Apple TV

Added 2011-02-03 17:53:20

I was playing bingo on OMB on the day of the draw for the apple tv with the usual nutters at 6am and was just saying oh today we get to know whos won the apple tv.  I had to leave online bingo at 9am as was taking mum to her warfin clinic.  On my return i was checking my emails to find one from Ben saying i had won the apple tv.I read it over and over again as i was in shock.Never in my wildest dreams did i expect to win.This is the first time that i have won anything and for free too woop woop!! How fast was the delivery too.The post has just been and i am now the proud owner of a apple tv.Now time to be honest-the prize is far too tech for me lol i have never heard of a apple tv or what to do with it but im sure i will soon work it out.

As i am not a member of facbook i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their well dones and way to gos in bingo chat.OMB has got to have the most friendliest roomies i have come accross on online bingo,even the shy roomies congratulated me too.So once again thank you all so much.Off to mess now with my prize lol >>>>>>>>>>>>