A Bingo Meeting in Wales

Added 2011-05-21 06:33:48

i was just gonna tell you a short story about the time i met my bingo friends it was in year 2009 i think.

I had played online bingo on a free site similar to this ONE and couldnt wait to meet my bingo pals .

so we planned a date and met in wales - was a lovely and sunny day too so was great for walking.

We bought each other lucky bingo charms and sat and had a picnic then went and looked around the shops together.

we had so much fun that i think i would do that again on ohmybingo, it was great fun.

we went in and had a coffee and i laughed at one of my bingo friends as she had to take her teeth out to eat her food but was all in good fun.

That would be a great idea to do on this site dont you think?

unless you do that anyway just an idea. lol

well back to my story we all went for a walk and it was just as though i had known them a long time - they all made me feel welcome and one of them bought me a wales doll and a wales bell to take home as a lucky charm and i still have it sat by my side cause who knows it might be lucky for me  one day lol.