A Bingo Poem Because Ive Run Out of Points

Added 2011-06-11 14:25:52

im back here again cause ive ran out of points

im not moaning really just writing away

hoping my points will be added some day


i will keep typing away until i get there some day

trying to type but my fingers are sore

from a cut from a knife that i used from next door


i was chopping up carrots and caught my finger

what a mess i made

in that same day

blood squirted out on my keyboard too

was typing away until it turned blue


i cleaned off my keyboard and my fingers ok

and now im hoping to win on ohmybingo today

its a great bingo but i keep running out of points

so im back here reporting away

until i get some points again some day


ill never give up im a fighter you know

oh my god i just looked out of my window and its starting to snow

i will be here un til christmas ho ho ho i could be you know


im only joking around messing about

hoping when i look again the sun will be out

im almost there at the end of my poem

i hope you like them all

i will be here again with some more

oh my god your all starting to snore

oh no it was her from next door