A bingo poem for online bingo fans

Added 2010-08-31 16:20:38

Just a little poem from me to everyone at Oh My Bingo, I'm sure there are others who will have felt the same when waiting for their numbers to come up. At the risk of repeating what so many others have said I just wanted to say that this is such a great site with friendly CM's and players, thanks everyone xx I sat there for hours

And spent all my points My eyes had gone fuzzy I had aches in my joints I tried all the chat games Won points in the quiz But just couldn't get past 1 to go - gee whizz! Maybe tomorrow With my new points to play I might be a winner Just maybe today And then it just happened Right out of the blue First I won 1 line And then I won 2! Then just after seven When I thought that was it I thought I'd play one more Then that would be it I didn't win one line I nearly won two And then I got Full House And shouted woohoo At last I had done it I would I'd been told What had I done? I had won my first GOLD!!