A Bingo Poem Just for OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-06 10:19:33

This is not really news as such,

just want to say you can enjoy so much.

So bingo players gather round,

check this fab site I found.

Lots of interesting bingo news,

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It will help you make the best choice,

In bonuses and wins you will rejoice.

You'll be so happy that you joined,

Played bingo and collecting coins.

Convert the coins to many prizes,

The list is full of fabulous surprises.

So come on people what you waiting for?

Check out the games and much more!

I guarantee that this you won't regret

And agree with me it's the best site yet.

The site is definitely next to none,

You will find it at OHMYBINGO.COM!!!!!!!!!


Hope you like my little poem to OHMYBINGO I really enjoying being part of this huge family of fun, even though I don't chat much, the free bingo chat room's are always full of really nice friendly people and the CH's are great, I really love the Hide'n'Seek games, it takes you to pages you may not otherwise look at.

It's also great that you can keep up with what is going on with regular status posting's on Facebook, keep up the good work all who help make this a fun and exciting place to be xxxxxxxxxxx

Kim (xbunnykinsx)