A bingo prayer

Added 2010-06-13 12:12:11

Dear Lord, if I promise not to sin

Could you see your way to giving me a win?

The World Cup has just started down here

And I really want a crate of beer.

But even though they're on offer, I'm skint,

I'm not asking to let me win a mint.

Just a few quid in my bank account

I don't need a very huge amount.

I'm putting the hours in playing the games

but not winning .. oh Lord it is such a shame.

So if I promise to be really REALLY good

Could you get me on the list at Hollywood?

You've always been my No1 hero

So giz a few wins on Foxy Zero.

If you could see your way to making it soon

I'm ready and waiting and playing on Moon.

Being skint is making me feel quite peeky

So a few bob won't go amiss on Cheeky.

You know it'd really make my day

If I saw my balance shoot up on Broadway.

I have a few bingo sites on the go at this time,

But I can't make all of the site names ryhme.

But you are omnipotent and wonderfully all-seeing

I just KNOW you're a stunningly good looking being,

so when you get a minute in you busy day

PLEASE Lord .. send a few little wins my way!