A Bingo Scouse Full House

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Jackie and Joanne entered land bingo and took there seats. Looking around Jackie says to Joanne "arr ey lookkk Jo derrr's that cow wit dat sandrrra wun". Just then 'the cow ' caught Jackie's eye. "Iyaaa luv how are you an de kidz"?. "jus grrrate" came the reply from 'the cow'. Turning to Joanne Jackie, says "eee got 7 kidz errr you know" Joanne replies "oooh az she" "Yea" says Jackie "all lads and all called Toneeee" Joanne says "all called toneeeee kweeeen, ow duz that werrrrk then?" "well" Said Jackie "when its tea time gerrl dey jus av to shout Tonnneeeee and they all come in for der dinna" "oh" says Joanne "and wut if she az to gob off at dem if der nawty likkke?" Jackie replied "Easy kween she just uses der surnames".

The cow who happenend to be called Mary sat over the otherside of the room . "Eeee ooo's dat? She gorra rite gob on er" says Sandra. "Jackeee jonno, liv's two strreets frrom mee" Mary replied then quipped "She's a lot like train tracks err - she's bin laid acccross the countreee."


The bingo caller called the last number of the night "all de trees derty nees"

"over ere" came the shout from Jackie. "Gob on legs" said Mary.


On the way out Mary says "well done Jackie luv" "thanx" replied Jackie "see you next week?" "yee luv taraa chuck"


dooof doof doof eastenders type suspense tune.


This story is totally fictional and any similarites to a bingo hall in Liverpool is probably true


p.s no scousers were distressed by this post we can take it on the chin lol


Bazz out