A bit more Free Bingo for a Nintendo DSi

Added 2011-03-24 07:54:03

Omg can not believe it only 25 little shiny gold coins is all i need now for the dsi, i have had a pretty good week so far winning a few golds in the golden hours. Yesterday i won a gold coins in the early bird hour and in the evening i got all excited when i saw my number coming out for the full house but lol i shared never mind still got quite a few silver coins.

As ever i am keeping myself busy writing as many news reports as i can so that i don't have to spend all of my silver coins and i am able to save them up to exchange for gold coins.

As i have had a few lucky days yesterday i was lucky enough to exchange 55 silver coins for 5 lovely shiny gold ones.

A couple of times i have nearly given up thinking that there is no way i could ever win and save up the 180 gold coins that are required for the dsi, but i have not given up and cant believe how close that i am now.

So if you are saving up for a big prize by playing ohmybingo keep going as it can be done.

Just before i started saving up for the dsi i used 30 golds for an amazon voucher, and every time i tell my son how many coins i have he always adds on the 30 that i spend telling me yesterday that if i had not used them for the amazon voucher we would now have the dsi.