A Brief History of Online Bingo

Added 2010-08-15 14:36:53

Hi guys, while browsing the internet today i came across some interesting facts about bingo. Thought you might be interested in hearing some of them.

The first online bingo site started in 2003 and only seven years on look how many sites there are now.

More than three million people play bingo both on line and at bingo halls, 70% of players are women.

In 1986 the game of bingo was legalised allowing the same game to be played simultaneously across the country - the start of link games.

The game of bingo originates from Italy back in the 16th century. From Italy it moved to France and was know as le lotto.

Lotto soon spread through out Europe and was played at fairs, using beans to mark the cards  if you got a vertical or horizontal line you shouted out beano, so the game was then called beano.

In the 1930's an American called Ed Lowe discovered the game and took the idea back to American it is said that a lady playing was so excited when she won a game and called out bingo instead of beano and that is where the name bingo originates from.

With such a choice of online bingo sites to choose from it is so hard to believe it has only been available on line for 7 years.

I wonder where our game of bingo will be in 7 years time?