A change of heart about Sing Bingo

Added 2010-07-28 16:53:59

I have complained a few times about Sing Bingo but i decided to put on a fiver today as i was fed up with losing on other sites.  I lost my fiver quite quickly on slots but i have access to the reload room for the day and get the prize wheel thing every day so wasn't too bothered. I must say i have been really lucky on there today, I won 2 lines in the reload room, and a couple quid in the other two free rooms then my balance shot up another £12 a short while later...i must have won in the hourly room too, so me being me i decided to have a shot on the slotties, i was up and down for quite a while then i had a short winning streak on fluffy favourites, i got my balance up to £70!

so i with drew £60 of it and wasted the other £10, since then i have won another few times in the small free bingo rooms back up to £1.58 now lol, i hope i can win some more i am beginning to like this site a bit more now. i even managed a win in the pay room too which i have never before loll.