A Cheeky result on Cheeky Bingo

Added 2010-04-30 18:48:08

I've been playing on Cheeky Bingo since it opened but my luck on there hasn't been great for quite some time. That's about par for the course for me though so it wasn't exactly surprising, lol.  My luck on some other online bingo sites I play did change recently and I managed to withdraw over £200.00 last week so I decided to have a cheeky little punt on Cheeky Bingo this morning. Just before I deposited my balance suddenly went up to £15.00 so I was well pleased, it must have been the £50.00 free game I'd got a share on, ( I wasn't watching the game so I can only guess where it came from).

I decided to follow the *'failsafe plan' of our resident Queen of the slots and went onto Paradise Reels. Sure enough the slots started to pay out but I was only playing the recommended 18p bets so I was hovering around the £24.00 mark. I came out and went back in and played again but it stayed about the same so I deposited a fiver and played again. As luck would have it I got a bonus round which took me to £32.00 so for the first time in I don't know HOW long I was able to withdraw from Cheeky :-)

A great Cheeky result.


 *The failsafe plan mentioned is NO guarentee of a win and the author will not be held responsible for losses incurred when following the above mentioned plan. :-)